Salient Features

Mechanical Specifications of MATRIX Panels

Salient Features of MATRIX Control Panels:      
  • Compact, Space-saving computer aided design.
  • Back-to-back arrangement possible.
  • Economic energy distribution in the cubicles.
  • Easy project and detail engineering through standardized components.
  • Comprehensive range of standardized types.
  • Various design levels depending on operating and environmental conditions.
  • Easy combination of different equipment systems, such as fixed and withdrawal modules, in a single cubicle.
  • Arc-proof design possible (standard design with fixed module)
  • Largely maintenance free.
  • High operational reliability.
Optimum personnel protection:
  • Rated current : Up to 6400A
  • Rated peak withstand current : Up to 250 kA
  • Rated short time (1s) withstand current : Up to 100 kA

Technical Specifications of MATRIX Panels

  • The panels are rated for 415 V AC, 3 Phase, 50 Hz. 4 Wire system.
  • The panels are designed for system short circuit level of 50 kA for 1 second, or as required.
  • The panels are floor mounted sheet steel clad, Single/Double front, Draw Out/fixed type totally enclosed dust, damp and vermin proof indoor / outdoor  type.
  • Mounting height :
    • Operating Device : 450   mm (Min.) to 1800 mm (Max.)
    • Indicating Instruments: 400   mm (Min.) to 2000 mm (Max.)
  • ‘Reset’ Buttons for Thermal Over Load Relays are operable without opening the door, if required.
  • ‘Test’ buttons for starters are accessible after opening the door, if required.
  • Provision for PLC operation is provided without / with local / remote selector switch.
  • The panels are designed to ensure safety during operation, inspection and maintenance. All components used in the panel are carefully chosen to meet the system requirement and workmanship is of best quality.    
  • For easy maintenance, cables/wires are marked by destination ferrule  numbering.
  • For easy identification, field terminals & PLC terminal are provided separately.


  • Minimum sheet steel thickness :
    • Main Frame : 2.56 / 2 mm
    • Doors & covers : 2 / 1.6 mm cold rolled
  • Degree of Protection IP52 or better.
  • Earthed metallic barriers between components and verticals section are provided.
  • Zinc bichromated and passivated hardwares are used.
  • Transport units are not longer than 3.2 meters.
  • Removal lifting arrangements for each transport unit are provided.
  • Panels are both sides extensible, if required.
  • Cable entry is provided at bottom and 2mm thick removable and undrilled gland plates are provided.
  • Removable hinged sheet steel covers at rear are provided.
  • All feeders are compartmentalized type and are isolated  from each other.
  • Base channel of 75mm height and 5mm thickness is an internal part of the panel.
  • All equipments are accessible from front.
  • Independent horizontal wire way at bottom for panel cabling & wiring is provided.
  • Color of the panels is Light Gray, shade No. 631 of IS-5, or as required.


  • Control Panel Designation name plates is provided at the center of the control panel with minimum letter height of 25mm.
  • Panel identification / designation number on each panel at top, both in front and rear side is provided.
  • All components, devices and terminal blocks are provided with individual labels and equipment / functional designation.
  • Door / front mounted devices are provided with labels directly below them.
  • Inscription plate for each functional unit giving the feeder description, feeder number and drive number, on the compartment door are provided.
  • Bus Bar chamber and cable allay shutters are labelled for identification.


  • Bus bar  is designed for
    • Rated insulation voltage : 2.5 kV for 1 minute
    • System Short circuit level : 50 kA for 1 second
  • Clearance in air of live part
    • Phase to Phase : 25.4 mm (Min.)
    • Phase to Earth : 19.0 mm (Min.)
    • Ambient Temp : 50º C
    • Temp Raise above ambient : 25º C 
  • The continues rating of the main horizontal bus is provided for continuous rating of Incomer.
  • Both Horizontal and Vertical Bus Bars are designed and supported to withstand the thermal and dynamic stress corresponding to rated short time and peak withstand currents specified. 
  • Cross section of main horizontal bus is uniform throughout the switch board and continuous in one transport unit.
  •  Bus Bars are provided with Coloured Heat Shrink Sleeves.
  • Phases are identified by color in each panel (Red, Yellow, Blue for phases and Black for Neutral).
  • Bus bar is provided in a totally enclosed compartment.
  • Bus bars are provided with insulators of non-hygroscopic material having high impact and die electric strength with an anti-tracking contour.
  • Full length Earth bus bar is provided at bottom.
  • Bus Bars joints and bolted type tap-off connections arided with zinc bichromated MS bolts, nuts, plane and spring washers.
  • Fish Plates with accessories at the end of each transport unit are provided.
  • Internal wiring is done by 1.1 kV grade, PVC insulated, single core copper wire of minimum cross section of 1.5 Sq mm for control and 2.5 Sq mm for CT wiring.
  • Protection against mechanical damage for wiring to door mounted devices is provided.
  • Wires are identified at each end in accordance with schematic diagrams by interlocked type ferrules.
  • Colour code for wiring :
    • AC – Black
    • DC – Gray
  • All connections external to a feeder are brought to terminal blocks.
  • For interconnection between panels of adjacent shipping sections, wires are brought out to separate terminal block, properly labeled, looped and bunched inside the panel for connection at site.
  • Inter panel wiring is done through the horizontal chamber of cable at bottom.
  • Not more than two connections are connected on any one terminal.
  • All wires connected to CTs are brought to terminal blocks for ease of maintenance.